Data and reward solutions is one of the great innovation of marketing perspective. It helps companies to draw customer’s attraction which eventually generates profit margin. You may have a company and you want to reward your customers based on usage or other criteria. You may have lot of customers. Thus after running promotion, you can know about the usage of them and you can set them into various layers based on this. More use & more upgraded layers mean more rewards – your customers know this, but they want to know the update. You cannot tell everyone of them personally. In many cases some of them might not be interested at all. Boomcast can help you here. You have data of layer and reward. You can place your customer in any layer. Boomcast will use this information and provide your customer about their status by missed call service. So your customer will just place a missed call to know their status. You can also inform them to collect gifts with this. Thus Boomcast can help you to run this big campaign into some small steps.